Why are more and more car beauty shops choosing steam car wash ?

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                  Steam car wash is a popular car wash method in the car beauty care industry. Many people want to make their car clean. 

                  First of all, we must know that steam car wash can not only be cleaned. The car body can also be sterilized, 

                  removes the taste, kills  the mites, removes the dirt inside the gap, and does other things that the cleaning solution can't                       do.

                 There is also water and environmental protection. Steam car wash can save 90% of water consumption, 

                 which solves the problem of water waste. Secondly, the steam car wash can protect the paint surface of the car,

                so that our car can still look very new, and it has the effect of beauty. The steam car wash has strong ability to 

                remove stains and the car wash speed is fast, so everyone chooses steam car wash when washing car.


                    The following is sixteen advantages of steam cleaning:

                      1. Low water consumption, can save 90% water than traditional water clean.
                      2. Steam cleaning meets national environmental protection and energy conservation policies.
                      3. Do not use any chemical cleaner to ensure that the car body is not corroded.
                      4. Low-temperature steam is more softer, reduce the damage caused by car wash.
                      5. Low-temperature steam avoids the freezing problem in winter car wash business.
                      6. High-temperature steam can effectively decomposes oil stain, can clean car engine.
                      7. Steam clean can do deep decontamination for car interior, and effect is remarkable.
                      8. Steam can clean any part that is not easy to be cleaned by traditional water clean.
                      9. Steam clean for car mat sterilization and drying.
                     10. Steam clean can effectively reduce the aging of plastic parts.
                     11. Steam clean can effectively reduce the door board inside water, dust, rust.
                     12. Avoid yellowing of paint adhesive tape
                     13. The steam quickly volatilizes without residue, in order to eliminate scale on the paint surface
                     14. There is minimal waste water, no need pipes and drainage facilities
                     15. Easy operation and wide application range.
                     16. Make clean for fine steam clean, improve the car wash service value.



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