New upgraded car wash form- Mobile steam wash machine

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     Mobile door-to-door steam car wash is a new upgraded car wash form. The combination of steam car wash equipment and mobile        equipment, you can not wait until the car wash shop long queue, and think about when to wash the car. The steam car wash price is very      competitive can allow you to enjoy the high-end car wash service.

       How to achieve mobile door-to-door car wash?


    The customer dials the phone and asks for the specific parking address of the car. The staff will drive the Tricycle or

    Van to the car  position. After determining the appearance of the vehicle body, the cleaning process begins, professional 

    equipment cleaning, water wiping, tire cleaning... After cleaning, the vehicle is clean and tidy.

    There is no need to drive the car to the car wash shop, just a phone call waiting for the car wash master to come to the door.

    More information and machine working video,please contact with me through the whatsapp:008615720798602.





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