Car air conditioner has a taste, and quickly use a steam cleaner to disinfect

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                                                         How to judge whether the air conditioning system of the car needs cleaning?

        1. When the air conditioner is just turned on, the wind blown out is not completely cooled or heated, and it will smell like mildew and smoke.
        2. When cooling or heating, the air blown from the tuyere is not fresh, accompanied by acid odor or other strange smell.

        3. The cooling effect is reduced and the fuel consumption is increased. Since the evaporation tank has not been cleaned for a long time, the dirt is excessive, which affects the cold.

       4. When a person is in the car, the nose, trachea, and lungs are uncomfortable, or accompanied by cough and chest tightness.

       5. The air conditioning system has not been cleaned and maintained for more than one year.

The benefits of air conditioning cleaning

1. Enhance refrigeration. After cleaning with special cleaning agent, the air conditioner has no dust and no scale, the airflow exchange is smooth, and the cooling effect is obviously enhanced;

2, good for health. After cleaning with special cleaning agent, it not only greatly reduces the incidence of "air conditioning syndrome", but also purifies the indoor air and removes the strange smell generated by the air conditioner;

3. Extend the service life of air conditioners. After the cleaning of the special cleaning agent, the working environment of the air conditioner changes, and the life of the air conditioner is extended, and the air conditioner itself is clean as new;

4. Reduce power consumption. The air conditioning environment after cleaning changes, the work efficiency is improved, and the power consumption is reduced;

5. Reduce expenses. After cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioner, the failure rate is reduced, the power consumption is reduced, and the cost is virtually saved.


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