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Detailed Description Of DEA-18P Carpet Cleaning Machine

220V 4kw steam carpet cleaning machine for sale

1. Outer shell is made of industrial plastic, more light, more beautiful appearance. Bring you a different idea of a carpet cleaning machine.
2. Instant heating system, only need 60 seconds, you can get steam from this carpet cleaning machine.
3. With a big carpet cleaning wand, improve the working efficiency of carpet cleaning.
4. The built-in pump of this carpet cleaning machine is imported from Italy.
5. A lot of cleaning tool for carpet, sofa, cars, hoods, air conditioners, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
6. Carpet cleaning machine, steam cleaning, vacuum cleaning.

The main technical parameters of this carpet cleaning machine:

Steam pressure 5-8Bar
Power 4KW/20V
Heating time 60Seconds
Waste water tank 30L
Vacuum cleaner  1.2KW
Water consumption 20L/H
Water tank 25L
Dimensions 865*445*815mm
Weight 35kg

Security Settings for this carpet cleaning machine:

Temperature limit switch: if the steam temperature in the system exceeds 150℃ (adjustable), it will automatically stop heating.
Water level switch: when the water level of the water tank is lower than the lowest water level, stop working and alarms.
Pump protection: Italy imported water pump
Winter anti-freezing protect: anti-freezing button forces pipe emptying
Heating method: instant heating system, no boiler design

Spare parts of this carpet cleaning machine:

CWD4P Carpet Cleaning Machine

Cleaning carpet display:

CWD4P Carpet Cleaning MachineCWD4P Carpet Cleaning MachineCWD4P Carpet Cleaning Machine

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