VSI series of sand making machine is my company introduction of Germany advanced technology development and production of sand, with the international advanced level of high performance equipment
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Detailed Description Of DEA-08A diesel steam car washer

1. This steam jet car wash machine is using 220V electric motor 650W driven system, diesel heating. So, it needs both electricity and diesel when working.
2. It is widely used in car wash shop , factory floor cleaning, animal husbandry cleaning, etc.
3. If you want a mobile car wash, just remember to match it with one 2KW generator.
4. The whole body is made of stainless steel, long service life for you.
5. Adjustable wetness and dryness for different cleaning application, wet steam for car exterior, dry steam for car interior.
6. This steam jet car wash machine has both automatically filling water and manual adding water.
7. Safey protection of water shortage, over-pressure, over-heat.
8. Our unique patent of diesel burner design for this steam jet car wash machine: 50 meters stainless steel heating coil.

The technical parameters of DEA-08A steam jet car wash machine:

Steam pressure 20Mpa/20Bar/290Psi
Oil consumption 3L/H
Steam consumption 60L/H
Pre-heating time 30 seconds
Heating temperature                        >200℃                                              
Water tank 23L
Diesel tank 15L
Steam jet gun 2 pcs
Steam hose 10m
Dimensions 1010*720*850mm
Weight 95kg

Standard Accessories along with this steam jet car wash machine:

CWCD04B diesel steam car washer

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