Adjustable steam —dry and wet steam control valve
Safer—no boiler, no danger of explosion,cracks or leaks
Two steam guns—two people wash a car at the same time is available
Save water—wash a car only need 5-6L water
Short preheating—only 1 minute
Stainless steel cover—strong and durable
Mobile cleaning—put on a mobile van, make door to door clean
No water corrosion—soft steam will not damage the car
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Detailed Description Of 07B mobile steam pressure washer

• 09B lpg steam pressure washer for cars adopts plunger pump of Germany. The steam pressure can reach 20kg, much higher than the traditional steam pressure, and it has 70 bar high pressure water functions.
• With adjustable steam, dry wet steam for car interior & car exterior cleaning.
• No-boiler design, much safer with no explosions, cracks or leaks from a boiler steam pressure washer for cars.
• Instant heating system, only 1 minute heating time, rapid evaporation of steam, improving working efficiency.
• It can move freely with trundles and brake, and auto water filling is more convenient.
• Can be put on a mobile van, do mobile door to door car wash business.
• Automatic alarm when overpressure, over voltage, overheat, LPG leak and water shortage in water tank. It’s much safer.
• It is equipped with 70bar high pressure water system, more clean,powerful cleaning effect with foaming and waxing.
• It can also wash cars normally in cold weather with anti-freezing functions.
• Good quality and after-sale service. Continue work for 24 hours with adjustable temperature and pressure.
• Clear inner structure, assembly parts have long service life, also easy to maintain and change.

Technical Parameters of  steam car washer 07B:

Steam pressure 12-16bar
Gas consumption 1.0KG/H
Outer water tank 300L
Steam flow 60KG/H
High pressure water 7Mpa/70Bar/1015Psi
Pre-heating time 10 seconds
Steam hose & steam gun             1 pc                                                        
High pressure hose & gun 1 pc
Dimensions 450*550*660mm
Weight 35KG

The standard accessories along with 07B steam pressure washer:

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