1. More portable design, steam vacuum working together,
2. This one is a new designed electric steam vacuum car washer.
3. You can use wet steam to clean car exterior, while dry steam & vacuum is used to clean car interior.
4. Inside this steam car washer, there is a 15L water tank, beside, it has auto-adding water system, it is no problem when you keep cleaning cars all day.
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Single gun 8 bar electric steam car washer for sale

1. This is an electric steam car washer, 6kw, 8 bar, single gun, with vacuum.
2. Portable design, you can move it easily when you cleaning cars.
3. Made of stainless steel, long service life, a durable steam car washer for sale.
4. By adding a small vacuum wand, you can clean car inetrior by dry steam and vacuum together.
5. By adding a big carpet wand, you can clean carpet easily.
6. This electric steam car washer is widely used in a car wash business shop.
7. Standard accessories are complete, car engine clean nozzle, car interior clean nozzle, car air-contation clean nozzle, 50cm spraying steam jet gun for car roof, common steam jet gun for car wheels and car body clean.
8. More videos and photos will be provided when we send you a quotation of this electric steam car washer.

Technical Parameters of electric steam car washer DEA-06A:

Steam pressure 8bar
Power 6KW/220V
Water consumption 20L/H
Water tank 15L
Heating time 60 seconds
Vacuum cleaner 1.2KW 15L
Dimensions 540x450x880mm
Weight 30kg

Pressure sensor switch: automatic stop when the pressure exceeds 10 kg, automatically resume work below 8 kg.Security Settings for electric steam car washer:

Temperature limit switch: if the steam temperature in the system exceeds 185 ℃ (adjustable), it will automatically stop heating.
Water level switch: when the water level of the water tank is lower than the lowest water level, stop working and alarms.
Pump protection: Italy imported water pump
Winter anti-freezing protect: anti-freezing button forces pipe emptying
Heating method: instant heating system, no boiler design

Standard Accessories of this steam vacuum car washer:

CWD6VN Steam Vacuum Car Washer

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